HC Training Program

The HC Training Program will begin in the fall of 2019 at selected Heartfulness Centers, initially in North America and India. The program consists of several Training Modules (more below), to increasingly deepen and extend learning of the NVC/HC process and how to apply it in daily life.  Between modules, participants will be invited to practice and integrate their skills.  Module workshops are typically 2 full days of training, most often on weekends.

All training is oriented toward personal learning and development, and is offered in two different tracks:

Abhyasi Track

Abhyasis who are not aspiring to Facilitation begin with Foundation Module, and can then take Deepening Modules at any pace, and in any order. Four Deepening Modules qualifies for Advanced Modules. Typical interval between Modules is 3-6 months.

Facilitator Track

Facilitator Track program consists of the Training Modules along with Assignments, Webinars and Practice between the in-person workshops. The pace is concentrated, with 15 days of in-person training Modules within 6 months in India; and 10 days of in-person training Modules within 12 months in North America. Read more about Facilitator Track here.


HC training in retreat format cover 1-3 Modules of the HC Training, essentially preparing participants for ongoing personal practice and learning. In India, these retreats are held at Kanha Ashram, and are part of the Facilitation Training Track.


While HC training is offered without charge, there will be some cost to cover expenses of Facilitators’ travels, printed materials and food, etc. Attendees are requested to pay it forward or donate, between $50 and $100 per person for a 2-day training.


Participants on both tracks attend the same Training Modules.

  • The Foundation Module covers the basics, and prepares participants for ongoing peer practice.
  • Deepening Modules cover 4 different topics. Participants can attend Deepening Modules in any order.
  • Later on, Advanced Modules will be offered.


This weekend workshop is practical and experimental and facilitated by members of the HC Steering Team. Participants will learn the core concepts, principles and skills of HC/NVC, and how to apply them to their own life situations.

1. Know the one thing that is necessary for solving all problems, personal and interpersonal, and why that one thing is so effective.
2. Identify the kinds of speech that support communication, and the kinds of speech that inhibit it.
3. Know how to ask for what you want, in a way that takes others into consideration, while still effective in getting needs met.
4. Know listen empathically when someone shares something personal.
5. Use NVC effectively even if you don’t have the skills down pat.

Come prepared for an analog training (e.g. pen & paper) with lots of interpersonal interaction. The training is process oriented, and much of the learning happens by trying out the new ways of talking and listening.


Topics include:
• Deep listening
• Developing empathy for self and others
• Transforming blame and judgement
• Managing reactivity
• Heart-centred giving and receiving feedback
• Authentic self-expression with care
• Making effective requests
• Softening anger


With time, we will offer additional areas of study and integration for Heartful Communication, for those who want to learn more beyond the Deepening Modules, whether for their own personal learning or on the Facilitation Track.