Practice and Ongoing Learning

NVC is simple in principle, but fluency requires practice, and integration of it can be a life long process. Even after having “learned” the structure and process of NVC, it takes repeated practice to form this into new habits. Over time, our relationship with ourselves and others may change to align with the assumption of unity, that lies at the core of NVC.

  • Individuals are encouraged to join Practice groups led by a local NVC trainer. This will support learning skills and forming new ways of thinking and interaction. Practice groups usually meet weekly or fortnightly and often use role play to work on real life challenges that group members are facing. Search online, or go to the CNVC global website for local trainer listings.
  • HFN Centers and sitting groups can form study circles, working with the books listed above. You can review one chapter per meeting, and discuss your understanding of key skills and principles and how they can be applied. You can also go through the Free 30-day Introduction to NVC as a group.
  • Some Centers may want to hire an NVC trainer for either workshops or practice groups. For this, please contact HC steering team for directives.