Learning NVC

Heartful Communication builds on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) structures, principles and process. HC will make NVC relevant to our shared spiritual path, through examples, principles and quotes from our teachers. We do not plan to change the fundamental NVC model: therefore all abhyasis can learn the basics from any NVC trainer or program.

Self Study

Abhyasis can study individually or with peers. HFN Centers and Meditation groups can form study circles, that meet regularly to discuss each member’s understanding of key concepts and principles and how these can be applied. Below are some options for NVC resources to learn from.

  • Attend Workshops and Trainings held by NVC trainers, which are offered in many places and countries.
    • To find one near you, go to the NVC global website for trainer listings.
    • Some HFN Centers may want to engage an NVC trainer for either workshops or practice groups. For this, see guidelines and contact the HC team for approval of program and outreach material.
  • Take Online courses, for example at the NVC Academy:
  • Watch on YouTube:
    • Free videos of Marshall Rosenberg as he is training people in NVC. Some are short introductions, others cover complete workshops of several hours.
    • Basics of Nonviolent Communication – playlist with 10 minute segments.
  • Read Books: There are plenty of books about NVC. These can be purchased in bookstores and online. Group discounts are available at publisher: in USA, Puddle Dancer Press; in India, Banyan Tree Books. We recommend the following.
    • By Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg:
      • Nonviolent Communication – a Language of Life
      • Speak Peace in a World of Conflict
      • Booklet series:
        • Being Me, Loving You
        • Getting Past the Pain Between Us
        • Life-Enriching Education
        • Practical Spirituality
        • Raising Children Compassionately
        • Teaching Children Compassionately
        • The Heart of Social Change
        • The Surprising Purpose of Anger
        • We Can Work It Out
    • By other NVC trainers
      • Nonviolent Communication Companion Workbook (Lucy Leu)
      • Words that Work in Business (Ike Lasater)
      • Being Genuine: Stop Being Nice, Start Being Real (Thomas d’Ansembourg)
  • Read Online (free to read, subscriptions available)