HC Volunteer Opportunity

We are looking for a volunteer to help with the online learning-and-community platform we have identified to use for spreading Heartful Communication in North America.


  • Has practiced Heartfulness regularly for at least one year,
  • Is interested in Heartful Communication, and
  • Is “tech savvy”: someone comfortable with online platforms, has ease with understanding how to customize the default to the functions we want to use. (No coding required)
  • Has time and availability over the coming 2 months, to dive into this project
  • Lives at commute distance from either Fremont or Berkeley


We have identified a platform that we would like to try out for HC. The task at hand is to work closely with Maja – lead trainer for Heartful Communication – over the next 2 months, with the following

  1. clarify and make sure platform meets our specs,
  2. set up a 60 day trial account,
  3. customize HC-space on platform
    • with our content and id,
    • create simple procedure to add e.g. training segments
    • train other content providers (HC training team, 5 peeps)
  4. test run with actual users (i.e. existing HC students, ca 100 peeps)
  5. help determine if we go forward with this platform and a full account, and if so
  6. launch to larger group in North America, for national test run

After 2 months we would assess if and when and how to launch wider, while continuing to add training content.

Time commitment 

  1. Setup phase: There will be much work for the first 2-3 weeks of setting this up, guess is 20 hours to make it into what we want to use.
  2. Test/maintenance phase: Once we have users testing the site/platform, there will be 1-2 hours per week of “maintenance” and problem solving.
  3. Expansion phase: At next point of determining to go forward, there will be another labor intense period (1-2 weeks) to make site available more widely
  4. Ongoing maintenance, 1-2 hours per week + more if we begin hosting large online training events.


is called Mighty Network, and we think of it as a blend of Facebook and Udemy.   If you are interested in offering your volunteer time for setting this up, please start with exploring the platform here.

If you would like to help out with this, please send email to na.hc [at] heartfulness [dot] org