Heartful Communication Facilitators

All HC Training events are led by Heartful Communication Facilitators: Individuals with background and experience with both NVC and HFN. We are training HC Facilitator candidates to a level of skill and integration that they can share HC at local HFN centers.


At this time, we have identified a small handful of HFN practitioners who have previous experience of working with NVC. To grow the team of Facilitators, we ask for help with identifying potential candidates. We are looking for abhyasis who have:

  • An excellent standard of English
  • An empathic, supportive approach with people
  • Experience of facilitation of group process, and/or sharing NVC in other settings
  • Ongoing commitment to learning, and to serving the Heartfulness Community
  • Availability to attend – and later on lead – workshops on weekends, as well as having time for assignments, webinars and peer support.

Individuals can self nominate, and/or decide later on if they would like to shift from Abhyasi Track to Facilitation Track.

Please submit nominations here.