Heartful Communication

Heartful Communication is an initiative proposed by Daaji, with the aim of cultivating harmonious collaboration, mutual respect and care throughout the Heartfulness movement. All abhyasis, particularly functionaries, are invited to learn the approach and skills of ‘Nonviolent Communication’ (NVC) as a foundation for manifesting in everyday, practical and interpersonal life, what we know in our deepest consciousness – which is that we are one.


Liz Kingsnorth, a Certified International NVC trainer, has been charged with setting up this program within Heartfulness/Sahaj Marg, worldwide.  
• Watch the introduction to hear Liz as she shares Daaji’s vision on YouTube.
• Read Liz’ article, “10 Tips for Effective Communication” in Heartfulness Magazine.

New article by Liz Kingsnorth in Heartfulness Magazine, January 2020: Heartful Communication

News – October 2019

During the first week of October, the India HC Facilitation Track got off to a good start at Kanha, with Liz teaching a group of about 30 students. On their last day of training, Daaji visited the class.